A first-of-its-kind Hardware-Software Cohort in the Enugu, bringing bridging the interphase between hardware learning and software integration...


Front-End Engineering

Introduction to programming, git and version control, and JavaScript. Learn JavaScript design patterns and how to develop web apps using React.


Back-end Engineering

Introduction to programming, git and version control, and JavaScript. Learn all about Object Oriented Programming and Regular Expressions, JavaScript design patterns, and how to develop APIs using Node.


Product Design

Designing User Interface (UI), Crafting User Experience (UX), branding products, design thinking, building information architecture, and copywriting for projects.


Data Science, AI and ML

Data science is the field of study that combines domain expertise, programming skills, and knowledge of mathematics and statistics to extract meaningful insights from data.


Cyber Security

Cyber Security is a professional field in It (Information Technology) and a substream of Computer Science. This course program aims to equip students with the required skills and knowledge to defend data, networks, and computer operating systems from cyber attacks.

Innovator (with Prior knowledge)

The innovator stream is for persons that have some level of understanding  of the desired tech stack

Duration: 4 months duration

Explorer Streams (with No prior Knowledge)

The explorer stream is for persons that have no prior level of understanding  of the desired tech stack (absolute newbies).

Duration: 6 months duration

Migrate-To-Tech Training Program

Start a new career in the tech

space. We’ll provide you with

an ultimate guide on how to

migrate to tech.


Ever wondered what Tech World holds for you ? Are you looking for ways to upscale and become more valuable in the Tech World? 

Whether you are a beginner or a leading industry expert, it is time to earn your place at the Table. Time to satisfy that insatiable thirst for something more. Something magical.

Why you should migrate to tech?

Industries are rapidly revolutionized by Technology. Everything is going the tech-way, same as the professionals or experts in these industries. We’ve far gone into the era of technology that unfortunately if you refuse to embrace a part of it, you may find your services, knowledge, or skills being irrelevant soon and you’re replaced, forced to quit, or maybe forgotten. For instance, during the pandemic, millions of people lost their jobs, companies folded because they had no working system capable of sustaining daily businesses while on lockdown. Those who saw the future and embraced it before that time survived massively through remote working, digital marketing using their technological skills. It’s simple, migrate to tech to evolve alongside your profession.
Many industries like information & communication, education, finance, retail, public government, security, healthcare, transportation, entertainment, and many others need tech-based workers. It is an opportunity for you to leverage as a side hustle.
To Aid in your business or career with new tech skills and innovations. Earn higher while making an impact, sustain job security, and your relevance as a business professional. It can serve as a launchpad to your next career.

Other legit reasons you should consider about migrating to tech areas are listed below
Recognition for discoveries made
Compliance with federal regulations
Attraction and retention of talented faculty.
Local economic development.
The attraction of corporate research support.
Licensing revenue to support further research and education.

Is it possible to migrate to tech from any profession?

Migrating to the tech industry is easy as it continues to grow with attractive perks and fun benefits available for rewarding your hard work. A career in the tech sector is varied and rewarding with great job prospects, personal development opportunities, and high-end salaries available for the best candidate.

Can you migrate from medicine, banking & Finance, pharmacy, law, entertainment, fashion, writing & poetry, education, transportation, government, and even as a functional religious priest to technology or take up a career in tech while in your current profession? Yes! you can whichever way you want it.

The Tech space is flexible, it doesn’t need your degree certificates to migrate to, and can be less expensive for a start. First, decide to transfer and find an interest, then start from your experiences or what you know,

find a team to learn and work with, inspire yourself to grow in your new career. You need at least a soft skill with experience to grow your career in tech. Tech is about soft skills.

Most times the common barrier faced migrating to tech from your profession is the limited understanding of the concept of technology, and the lack of a consistent framework for its study. Lack of systematic planning for technology transfer as an individual or misunderstanding of its underlying philosophy. Fortunately, these can be fixed, made easy, and fun to walk through.

However, we understand that walking through this part alone could be overwhelming most times especially combining it with your profession. We don’t wish you to experience such difficulties, that’s why Enugu state tech hub is reaching out to you today. Let’s help you make this journey seamlessly successful.

Our offer for you!

Are you living or working in Enugu state or its environs? Do you love tech? Do you have a passion or admiration for it? Or do you desire to try something new with a tech career? Then this is for you. 

We are rolling out something huge for you. It is called the Migrate-To-Tech Software Program. This program is designed to help ease the migration of Professionals like you from any other discipline, like Medicine, Pharmacy, Banking and Finance, to Tech. The software learning and training tracks are targeted at providing the landing ground into the intermediate skill level of each track chosen. However, the program will go a step further to energize the candidate into venture building.

The tracks are, Front Development, Back End Development, Mobile App Development, Product Design, Product management, Blockchain Development, Hardware, Internet of things (IoT), Augmented Reality (AR)-Mixed Reality (VR), Machine Learning, and more. Classes will run VIRTUALLY.

Program features

The training will be intensive and will span over 4 months.
A percentage of candidates successfully admitted, as part of our sustainability infusion, will be plugged into tech Companies as talent export. We will of -course provide access to these jobs as part of our incentivization and commitment,
Consequent to this service above, the Subsidized difference from the Actual total cost of the Fee will be paid back to us, spread evenly and conveniently over one year after the candidate has been gainfully employed with the Talent Soliciting Company.
Those of them however who show promise building ventures will be aggregated into startups, re-admitted into a pre-existing Startup Incubation program for another 3 months, and given access to investors, pitch decks and hackathons, and hub enjoys a conditional equity stake in the startup over an agreed period.

In addition to the Software training and learning, Candidates who qualify will be given access to seat for a Global certification from ICDL Africa as a means to boost their profile value to the potential employers waiting to poach them at the end of the program.

We are committed to providing you with an ultimate guide on migrating to tech as part of your privileges being our candidate

Application and Payment process
To apply click on the  button below, select your preferred course, fill out the form and then  proceed to payment.

Final thought

It’s an opportunity you shouldn’t slack on. Your colleagues are advancing in tech. Don’t be left out. Take this bold step today and we assure you that you won’t regret it. This time is now. 

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