Who We Are

We are Enugu State Technology Hub and Youth Innovation Center or simply put, Enugu State Tech Hub. Established and commissioned by His Excellency, the Governor of Enugu State, Rt Hon. Dr. Ifeanyi Lawrence Ugwuanyi, this Hub is designed to become the foremost technology hub and innovation center in the South East of Nigeria.

As Technology Hub, we have prioritized intrinsic and extrinsic collaborations with tech players and enthusiasts, the local academia, and seed investors to drive the incubation and acceleration of tech startups in Enugu and the entire southeast zone by infusing the necessary technical skills needed for these startups to get started and get running.

Our Initiatives

Training & International Certification Initiative

Accelerator Initiative

Incubator Initiative

Innovator Cohort Initiative

Our Product Bouquet

We incubate, accelerate, innovate, and educate tech startups into software products development, ventures creation, wealth creation, hardware and software Innovation, prototyping, and skill export.

We’re also working towards creating an exhibition room for innovations in robotics, artificial intelligence, advanced web designing, mobile app development, software tech Solutions in fintech, supply chain, health, education, clean and renewable energy.

AI & Data Analytics

Get your team to understand where Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics can have the most impact and train them with the skills to deploy these technologies by enrolling them with us.

Software Development

Upgrade your team and individual skills by going through our Software Development courses. Acquire skills that will span through the full software development life cycle such as requirements documentation, testing, and UI/UX design.

Design Lab

Build a brand-new career in UX or product design by enrolling in this course. Here, you’ll learn the basic key concepts and practical skills that will launch you forward from dummy level to becoming a professional UI/UX designer.

Tech for Health

Join other health professionals who are stepping up by acquiring the necessary tech skills needed to make strategic decisions to create innovative health solutions via this program.


As computers become more powerful, automation is becoming the new order of the day. Sign up for our automation courses and learn all you need to know about automating in computer programming and software engineering.

Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi
Enugu State Tech Hub is one of the transformative and paradigm redefining technological initiatives established by his Excellency, Rt. Hon Dr. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi in his over 6 years as the Executive Governor of Enugu State.
As a tech-savvy Governor, he is intrinsically passionate about digital tech inclusion & infusion in the tech Eco-community of Enugu state as well as the South-East with a great focus on the youths.